PlayStation 4 & 4 pro Review, With Some latest Games Advices

The PlayStation 4 has always focused on doing one thing incredibly well: playing video games. Two and a half years after hitting store shelves, a few unforeseeable issues have cropped up, but the PS4 is still the best console experience money can buy.

  • Navigating the UI feels fast and intuitive
  • Tons of great exclusive games
  • Compact size makes the console surprisingly portable
  • Gamepad battery life is still short
  • WiFi speeds can be frustratingly slow
  • System storage interface can be problematic and inaccurate

PS4 Pro vs. PS4

Sony’s PS4 Pro is a fantastic system, like its peers. If you don’t yet own a PlayStation 4, and want to treat yourself, this is the version to buy, no matter what TV you own. Spend the extra money—it’s speedier and will render many games with more detail. In the years to come, it’s likely that standard and PSVR games will look better on Pro as developers better tap into its extra power.

On the other hand, If you already own a PlayStation 4, there is no reason you should spend $400 for a PS4 Pro unless you’re buying a 4K TV. And even if you are upgrading your TV, try your standard PS4 on it first. See how it looks. If the clarity doesn’t bother you, just sit tight and save your money. In a few years there will likely be a PlayStation 5 ready and willing to snatch up those Benjamins. If the PS4 Pro is any indication of where Sony’s headed, that console will be a doozy.

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