How To Find WiFi Password On Iphone

How To Find WiFi Password On Iphone

How to find Wi-fi password on Iphone

As we know WiFi passwords are widely used to protect the wireless network around the world. Once you are connected to any any WiFi network the password of that dedicated network will be save in your device automatically and the same scenario applies on Iphone & Ipad. However, by this you doesn’t get access to that network forever. Sometimes you may forget the password of your home network and failed to connect the internet. Well, this is normal it also happens with me a lot but on that time we would be urgent to know “How to find WiFi password on iphone”. Luckily you’re at the right place this article will list the most easy 2 methods for viewing password of connected network on Iphone.

2 easy methods of “how  to find WiFi password on iphone”

1st Method: How to Find WiFi Password on Jail-broken iPhone

2nd Method: How to Show iPhone WiFi Password without Jailbreak


1st: How to Find WiFi Password on Jail broken iPhone

Do jail breaking your iPhone will invalidate the warranty from Apple Inc. related to security issues and it’s usually restricted. However you can do really more things like Installing different Apps on IOS which are usually not in App Store and your digital life is more convenient with jailbreak. View WiFi password on iPhone is just one of those benefits which we can get after jailbreak. Let’s take a look how we can Find Find WiFi password on iPhone after jailbreak.

  1. Using “WiFi Password” in Cydia
  •  In start launch Cydia App and search for “WiFi Password”, After this tap on Install to proceed.How to find Wi-fi password on Iphone
  • After the installation is completed click on “Return to Cydia”.
  • Now press the Home button and return to Home screen. Now will see the App installed “Wi-Fi Password” launch the app and you will get information about all the network you have used on the iPhone or iPad and as well as their passwords.


  1. Displaying WiFi Password with all existing NetworkList
  • Now open Cydia app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and type “Network-List” in search bar, download and install it in your device.
  • Now you can tap on “Restart Springboard” when the prompt appears. You will see after tapping your Home screen restarts/
  • After this open “Settings” then choose “WLAN” and you’ll an extra from the list called “Known Networks”.
  • Tap on that and there you go will see all the password of those network which you were connected in past.


However we mentioned only 2 Apps above but on jailbreak you can use different WiFi password hacking applications like iSpeedTouch, WPA Tester, Speeddssid and many others.


2nd: How to Show iPhone Wi-Fi Password without Jailbreak

Although as we cannot download or install Wi-Fi hacking applications on non-jailbreak Apple devices, but there are some built-in feature that help us to restore lost passwords.

Find a Wi-Fi Password with Router Setting

Those people who are using the original iOS devices. They can easily find the saved Wi-Fi passwords using router setting they need to follow these simple steps given below.

  • Go to “Settings” then tap on “WLAN” and you will see the different networks names. Choose (i) icon near the network you want to get password and then copy the Router IP Address. How to find Wi-fi password on Iphone
  • Open Safari Browser and type IP address to open the login page like this.

How to find Wi-fi password on Iphone

Then you can login with the default user and password. If the admin doesn’t work, you can also Google the password with specific Router model name.

Final Talk: Most us going through with this problem like we don’t remember our Wi-Fi all the time but if you have any Apple device you can get it back by using these techniques. I also use one of these whenever i just forget the password of any network which i was connected in past so it’s to having little issues like these.